Monday, October 03, 2005

Good Week

Well it was a good week for me last week:

1) I won my first trial as a lawyer (I tried juvenile criminal cases last summer as an intern and won, but those don't count). It was a small claims case and the pro se plaintiff inmate appeared by phone - but hey, a win is a win.

2) I became an uncle. To a niece named Elliot. Now I get to enjoy giving this new child an E.T. phone home complex for the rest of her life (one E.T. plush doll is already in the mail).

3) I won enough money in an online poker tournament last night that I can pay off the rest of my law school loans. Only downside is that I am still on a sort of high and have accomplished little to nothing at work today.


nina said...

juvenile crim cases count, damn it!

congrats on the uncle thing. almost as good as being a grandparent (NO! I AM NOT A GRANDPARENT!)

chardrian said...

Unfortunately, they counted against the juveniles tho. So I call those a wash.

My mom is very excited about being a grandma - our dog is very upset tho as she is concerned she is no longer the baby of the family and is now just relegated to granddog status.

Gold Nugget said...

So do you have some money to share with the ex el presidente?

chardrian said...

not that much, sorry. If I ever win the main event, I might take pity and remember how the mighty have fallen.

FreakinRican said...

Congrats homey on all 3 counts. Would you like to contribute to the Baby Rican fund ;-)?