Thursday, November 01, 2007

7-UP Tree

I always thought that 7-UPs lemon/lime slogan was funny, but I guess that was because I had never seen a lemon/lime tree before. Well, our new house has one, and the lemon/lime-ade it provides is pretty tasty. Even tastier when you add some vodka.
I am not sure if the phone guys came yesterday when I was cleaning the carpets at our rental (we want our security deposit back!!) because although I now have a constant strong green dsl light on my modem, the internet is still slowwwwwwww here. I am a little worried it might be because we have it hooked up in our converted garage through 50 feet of standard phone cable rather than through the grey dsl cable that came with the modem. But I don't know anything about computers, so I don't know if that would slow things down or not.
I am hoping that it at least works for playing poker, because I plan on playing tonight and don't want to be getting disconnected.


Sprayed said...

If you have internet through your local cable, you can hook that up to a wireless router. You can do wireless with a desktop or a laptop. Always connect through an ethernet cable if you are using DSL. Use the one that they gave you.

chardrian said...

I have internet through DSL. I am using the ethernet cable, but I am hooking the modem up with just a regular phone cable since I have my computer set up in the converted garage and the phone jack there is dead - so I have like a 50 ft line strung up from my kitchen to here.

The AT&T guy came out for a second time today and said I have a strong signal, he ended up calling into headquarters and switching some sort of "port". If that doesn't work, I think I am going to either spring for the phone guys to fix the jack in the garage (which might be hard cuz it looks like the phone box has been buried beneath the house somewhere) or I'm just gonna scrap the whole thing and get it through the cable company instead.

Sprayed said...

I would go with cable. Much faster IMO.