Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nice Sunday score

I got 5th in the 200k guarantee on UB for just over 10k.

I was a little disappointed not to win it since I was in first place with 6 to go, but winning 5 figures in a day is still a big deal for me.

So wheeeeeeeee!!


He of Great Ambition said...

Congratulations for the score (on my birthday no less)! I just discovered your blog and am looking forward to more posts! I'm Illfavor at FTR and I'm kinda new to online poker, but I am really eager to learn! You're $26 Freezeout analysis is really great. Keep it up!

chardrian said...


I started small and worked my way up, so I'm confident anyone can if they put in the time.

If you're looking for a cheap training site, I also have done some videos for