Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another close call

I actually played a really light schedule today because my wife was on call last night and when she got home she said that she wanted to be woken up at 4:30 ish. I haven't spent time with her in like a week so i figured I could play some of the tourneys that started at 11:00 and if I got deep that was great, and if not, I would be free by 4:30. Well I got deep in one of the two "Sunday Majors" (the buy-ins at 215+ across all the major sites on Sunday). I got 12th in the Sunday Brawl on Tilt. 1st was over $70k, even 5th place was $20k. Unfortunately for me, 12th was only $2800.

I was definitely disappointed since I was so close to a huge score, but I sucked out like 3 times (cracking AA three separate times) just to get there so I can't bemoan my luck too much. The what ifs always go through your mind after getting so deep and then not quite getting the results you were looking for, but I played great and am playing great overall and as long as I keep plugging away the results will come.


Slim Macho said...

how many hours a week do you play? and what would you say your hourly rate is? You play multiple tables at a time? What are you the matrix? How many people like you are there playing to win, in that how many good players do you have to beat to get deep in your tournaments (% wise)? Seems like more suckers would play the day to day stuff than enter the tourneys. If you play consistently at low to mid tables, it would only be a matter of time before you would be turning over regular profit (but I suppose you would have to put some serious time into it). Do you ever get bored?

chardrian said...

Hey slimblito,

I am supposed to be playing 40 hrs/week, but I have fallen quite short of that goal this year.

At this point my hourly rate is right around $100/hr.

Yes, I play multiple tables - the most I'll play at once is 6 - all these young internet wizards are often playing 12+.

There are donkeys in every tourney. My guess is that 50% of every field is composed of players who continue to make fundamental mistakes. Of the remaining 50%, 40% are players who are so/so and 10% are players who are my equal.

A lot of people have turned to cash games solely. The problem with cash is that to make more money you need to move up in limits, and as you move up in limits the players get better and better. The other problem with cash is that it is bad for players like me who are prone to tilt - one bad beat in a tourney and you're out of the tourney; one bad beat in a cash game and you reload and continue to spew off more money and repeat a bad cycle.

I have not got bored yet. I get frustrated frequently, but not bored. Then again in trying to make sure that I don't play when tired or upset, I have also played so little this year that I haven't really had time to get bored.

Slim Macho said...

yes, I can see the better players at the more expensive tables ie less mistakes and smart playing. But, geez some of these clowns at low limit tables just make me laugh. I'd say good luck, but its not really about luck. peace