Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just chillin'

So I have written a check to all of my backers except for the three who have not yet responded to my messages. I am a little surprised at just how wiped out I felt from Vegas especially since I came home early, took a weekend off, and wasn't there that long. Last night I was invited to play in a lowstakes homegame which was just fun. No pressure, a good varied group of players, and actually talking with people face to face is a good thing. I still haven't gotten around to cleaning the house up or to getting back to the grind, but at some point soon I will get so bored that it will happen.


Slim Macho said...

hey when are you coming to South Africa? Aren't there any tournaments you can play here? I know there was something a while back at Sun City.

chardrian said...

I need to get richer and famouser.