Friday, November 06, 2009

I is Famous!

I got mentioned in the weekly roundup article on P5s. I am pretty sure when I signed up for pocket5s they asked where you were from, so I entered my birthplace, Nigeria, as my answer. So I am now the number #1 ranked (and only) player from Nigeria - in fact I am the #1 ranked player for the entire continent of Africa. The Nigerian Nightmare is back!!


wandigo said...

I was a little curious when I looked at your location but figured oh well maybe it's true! Glad you enjoyed the mention, gl at the tables.

wandigo said...

btw I wanted to put your picture with the article but couldn't find one for you on the site. If you want one with your next big one, update your P5s profile with a pic and I'll be glad to put it in for you.

FeirFactor said...