Thursday, September 16, 2010

So Close Yet Again

I got another 19th in the $60k on FullTilt. It's my 17th tourney of the year where I finished between 10th and 36th in a tourney where first place pays over $20k. I.e. I made the final 4 tables but just can't make a final table for the life of me. I am looking forward to when this statistical anomaly returns to normal.

I did get 3rd in the $109 PLO/8 for $1k so the day was positive at least.

My folks come tomorrow so I will be taking the weekend off and then will be back at it next week.


Memphis MOJO said...

Sorry to hear you were so close, but not cigar. It'll turn the other way.

Michael Spray said...

At what point do you start to consider that it may not be an anomaly and there might be something wrong with your end game?