Monday, March 14, 2011

Still working on the house

Our plan is to get the house on the market by the end of next week so I have been working at getting it "openhouse" presentable. I have done the vast majority of the work so this week and next will just be taking the last couple of loads to storage/goodwill; doing some minor paint touch ups and then cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

Our backyard was looking a little straggly so we decided to lay some new sod and to try and reduce the money pit that this house has become I figured that I would try and do it myself. So I rented a tiller from Home Depot, got it home, and even figured out how to start it up and use it. For me, this is a pretty huge accomplishment considering that changing a lightbulb is about my peak for doing handyman type stuff. So it shouldn't be a big surprise that as soon as I set the tilling blades into our yard the whole thing went KA-CHUNK KA-CHUNK and spit out a brick and then stalled. Stupid me figured that it was just some stray brick so I crank it back up and hear and feel the same massive KA-CHUNK as another brick is thrown out of our yard. So now I sigh, get the shovel and spend the next 2-3 hours shoveling the whole back yard and unearthing about 50 bricks that were all about 1 inch under the top soil. Of course I rented the damn tiller for only 4 hours and if I went over the price went something ridiculously high like from $75 to $225 so now I had to scramble to till the yard so that I could return it in time.

Long story short - I got the job done, but man what a hassle. The yard does look nice now though - hopefully the sod takes. It's supposed to rain this whole week so that should help.

Pokerwise, I have been playing short sessions of Heads-Up $10/20 Limit. It's a super swingy game but I am liking it because I can play for small sessions which fits in with letting me be able to get the house prettied up.

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