Monday, April 18, 2011

Moving On...

Here is a really good overall look into what happened last Friday in the online poker world.

On the housing front - we are really close to getting a deal done. The prospective buyers and ourselves are $5k apart right now. Unfortunately we don't have anymore wiggle room. The last deal we offered will mean that we have to take every last cent we have in our savings to closing. So it is now up to the buyers and/or realtors. Either they come up with that last $5k or the deal just won't happen. With my online funds in neverneverland just paying our monthly expenses is now going to be super tight so hopefully we can finalize a deal and at least get this house monkey off our back.

1 comment:

AAPoker said...

wow is t his the same guys that came in super lowball that you are just 5k apart with now?