Thursday, September 08, 2011

Finally feeling settled

So the whirlwind summer is now basically over.

Sell the house in Sacramento, check;
move out of house in Sacramento and into new rental home in Fresno in 3 days, check;
drive down to Santa Barbara the day after moving in to Fresno house to drop our dog off with the in-laws since we were going to Guatemala, check;
drive down to L.A. to my folks' house that same day to catch flight to Guatemala, check;
spend a couple of weeks in Guatemala, check;
return from Guatemala and spend a week in Santa Barbara, check;
return to Fresno for four days and try and tidy the house up a bit and get cable and internet set up, check;
drive back to L.A. to spend ten days with my folks and my sister and her family who was making her yearly summer mecca to Balboa, check;
drop my wife off as she and her best friend fly to Spain for 2 weeks, check;
fly to Boise to celebrate my step-grandmother's 100th birthday, check;
drive back to Fresno and spend a week waterskiing and hanging out with 17 extended family members on King's River and have 12 of them stay at my house, check;
drive back to L.A. to pick my wife up from her Spain trip, check;
spend the next ten days with our respective families in Santa Barbara and L.A., check;
take my wife to the airport for her girl's weekend in Chicago with friends of hers from medical school, check;
drive back to Fresno for what should now be the last time for a while, check;
pick my wife up from the Fresno airport, check; wife begins new job here in Fresno, check;
we explore Fresno on our bikes and find a nearby farmer's market, check;
I update my resume and send it off with cover letters to four legal offices/firms, check;
I finally make it out to the local cardroom and play some live poker, check.

And... phew now that the summer whirlwind is over, the fall whirlwind will begin.

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Ed said...

Gramps turning 100! That's some serious run good!