Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Wasn't Middle School/Junior High Great?

I do have to say, I am eternally grateful that the days of titty twisters, wedgies, and wet willies are over. But I thought it as only in First Year Law School hypotheticals that someone would actually be charged for committing these acts. Guess I was wrong.

So for any soon to be first year law student at UW who wants to know what Substantive Crim Law will be like, read this article and then decide:

What charges can you bring? As a great LEO ambassador I'll help you out for this first one - I'm saying Simple Battery, 2nd Degree Sexual Assault, and Fourth Degree Sexual Assault as a lesser included offense.

What charges would you bring if you were the DA?

What would your decision be if you were the jury?

Wouldn't it be great if we got paid to do that instead of what we actually end up doing?


FreakinRican said...

You can be charged for a titty twister? What the fuck is this world coming to.

Gold Nugget said...

i suppose it is extreme what people are willing to sue for. But if that's the only way for bullies to get the pointk, then so be it. We live in a society filled with bullies, who's gonna stop them, you, you, or you? No. The law is the key to ending the reing of the bully. It is time for the week, but smart kids who tell their parents of their missfortunes that will succeed in the end. I have given many twisters to my FRIENDS not people i didnt know. This is one small step for humanity and a giant leap for the people being bullied

chardrian said...

You would fit right in in the juvenile section at the DA's office papi presidente.

I think your pants crapping/pissing episode with the bully might constitute as "great bodily harm" - it was a protracted impairment of the function of a bodily member or organ after all (in fact of a couple of bodily organs). Shoulda charged that punk ass with aggravated battery.

chardrian said...
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Gold Nugget said...

i agree man. What's the statute of limitation on that one. Never mind that happend in Bolivia, that means i can still sue the bastard.