Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back home and still being lazy

I got back from Reno yesterday and even though we only went for the one day and night I had a blast. Two buddies of mine from the home game I play in and myself went to Reno and played in a $200 Freezeout that they have going. The tourney started at noon and we were all out of it by like 7:30 so we spent the rest of the night bowling, boozing and just having a good time.

My wife has had a really stressful last two weeks or so because not only did she have to keep working her horrific work schedule but she also had to prepare for M n' Ms where basically the chief residents get grilled by all of the attendings in front of everyone. She did well and has this weekend off so we are just trying our best to do nothing.

We watched some TV, went to the river and walked the dog, and are planning on going to the movies tonight and then sleeping in late tomorrow. She starts nights again tomorrow night which means I will actually try and get some serious poker in again this next week.

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