Monday, July 12, 2010


I drove back to L.A. immediately after busting the Main Event and made it back in record time. A whole slew of cousins and their kids were visiting my dad so the house was packed until yesterday and I am one of those people who actually enjoy spending time with family (I have friends who dread it) so I was a happy camper. None of them really understand what exactly my job entails but they all think it is pretty cool that I play poker for a living, so having them all believe that I am some sort of "balla'" is kind of fun too.

My sister and her brood are also out here for this week so my plan is to go down to their rental house in Laguna Beach tomorrow and hang out with them for a couple of days and then head back up to Santa Barbara for a retry of my father-in-law's marriage, then off to somewhere in Central California for a couple of days of camping/waterskiing with my L.A. family, and finally back home to Sactown.

I have a whole bunch of traveling planned next month to Tahoe/Portland/Madison as well. So between all of my Vegas/L.A./Santa Barbara excursions this last month and my planned trips next month I don't know how much poker I will actually be putting in. Thankfully my WSOP was at least mildly profitable so I'm just going to play when I can and take it from there.

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