Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Still Grinding

My potential fulltime backer wants to see how I play before he commits, which is perfectly understandable so I played on my own dime tonight. I basically wanted to see if I could get 20 tourneys in a night session - and I can. So I think for the near future I will no longer be playing my afternoon session and will just start playing at 5 pm and then just keep regging until I have registered for 20 tourneys.

I am tired right now so I actually haven't reviewed my play for the day. I feel like I was a little spewy early on in the night but then became very solid towards the end. I got another 10th in a tourney on FullTilt (surprise surprise) when I took another bad beat (KK


buffyslayer1 said...

why dont you just get jerry to back you pretty sure he would snap at the chance?

chardrian said...

Because I don't think he would go for a salary stake. I am not looking for a standard 50/50 w/makeup deal. I would rather play on my own dime then do that.