Wednesday, January 07, 2009

At least I finally got a cash

I ended the cashless streak, but had another losing day. I made maybe one or two overaggressive moves, but feel like my game is coming back into form. One good cash, and I am back in black.


Ed said...

I just read your entire blog front to back (ok, so I didn't read all the lawyer stuff). I really enjoy your videos on PP. I feel as though we have similar styles. I am having a hard go at MTT's of late, but I don't feel as tough I have played particularly bad, Ive def have never run set into set like I have the past few weeks, and just some sicko cooler spots. Sometimes it just feels like you may never FT anything again, sigh.

Anyway, just wanted to say, I love the blog (Ive attached a link to it from my blog). Also wanted to thank you for being supportive and informational over the past couple of months.

Good luck,

chardrian said...

The fact that losing days will far outnumber the winning days playing MTTs is a mental burden that can sometimes feel impossible to overcome... but then you finally hit that top three score and life is good again.

I'm glad you like the videos and the blog.

Thanks for the comment.