Monday, January 05, 2009

Not playing my best

I got my first full day back in today and it went poorly. I didn't play horribly but I did make some mistakes and to keep my ROI at what I need it to be, I just can't make silly mistakes. I am always surprised at how hard it is to stay focused and patient especially after a long stretch of not playing. I find myself getting upset and taking it personally when players raise me. When I am playing well, I am playing just as if I am giving advice on a poker forum. I analyze the best play to make based on my cards, position, and opponent and just focus on making the best plays and letting everything else take care of itself. But no matter how many hands I play and how ingrained it is in my head, I still expect to win every hand that I play, and I still get upset when I don't win. So the plan for tomorrow, is simply to keep taking care of my life first and then getting my poker in with a good mindframe. Once I get back into playing consistent mistake free poker the results should start flowing again.

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