Sunday, August 08, 2010

Really Tough Week - Time to Review

It has been a really hard week pokerwise. Nothing is going right and my confidence has taken a hit. So much of this game is about confidence and going through a downswing just tears down that confidence bit by bit. Last week I was riding high off after coming home from a decent WSOP and having a good July. Luckily I wrote a post that I told myself to come back to when I had my next downswing - unfortunately that happened much sooner than I would have liked.

But this is what I wrote:

"Take a break - spend a day or two reviewing HHs, ghosting other players, watching vids, but definitely don't play."

I have family coming this week on Wednesday and I am then going to Portland and then Madison at the end of this month so I actually can't take a break as long as I am playing well these next two days because otherwise I won't be able to put my volume in for the month. But I definitely won't be playing from Wed-Sunday this week.

"Take a deep breath, look at your overall results - are you a winning player overall? Are you simply having a bad year? Or do you actually suck and need to work on your game? Be honest with yourself."

I am doing that right now. Overall results for the year aren't where I want them but I am still up for the year. I am constantly tinkering with my game but for the most part I honestly feel that I am playing well and running poorly.

"Right now you are in a total whiny bitchfest and believe that poker somehow "owes" you something; you are never "due" in poker; odds don't change depending on how you are running; all you can do in tourneys is play as optimally as you possibly can and let the results come... and they will come."

I am trying really hard not to whine... but it's hard. I feel like I keep getting so close to my goals and then right when I almost reach them I inevitably go on a downswing. And the bummer about playing higher level tourneys is that my average buy-in has increased so much that when I do downswing, the money just starts hemorrhaging. Losing $10k in a week is not that hard to do when you are averaging $1500 to $2000 a day in buy-ins. But I also realize there is nothing I can do but play my best, stick to my bankroll management and then just let the results happen.

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acekillkings said...

dont be sad, its just a big downswing and you will pass over the top, next week you will cash fine in tournaments and everything is going to be like before! Gl from Portugal!!