Friday, August 06, 2010

Yikes the whole week!

I played some higher risk stuff today and got semi-deep meaning I made it to like the last 20% but I just can't finish anything. 7 of the 8 tourneys I played I lost on just regular old bad beats, coolers, and lost races. The 8th was the most important one I was playing the $200 cubed FTOPs and I just went nutty in a hand with GrampaJeff/Jeffbeesdat.

I smooth called with AJo on the button. Flop came 6Q3 and he didn't fire which is weird for him because he fires like 100% on that flop. Turn was a 7. He fired and I figured he had AK so I raised the turn. He called. And now I put him exactly on AQ. River was a 4. And the pot and my stack were basically equal. So now the decision was if I push can he fold. I thought he could since my line looks so much like a set, an overpair, or even 45. But obviously it also has a bluff in there sometimes. I took my time, decided to shove and he called. And there went my last chance to cash.

I am kicking myself right now, but it might not be that bad. It's really hard to review hand histories when you are downswinging and I'm downswinging so bad this week that I don't know whether I suck, whether my confidence is just crushed, or whether it really is just bad luck.

I am taking tonight off to go play in my home game and tomorrow off and then will be back at it on Sunday. Hopefully things turn around soon....

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