Friday, February 25, 2011

Too much work

We were supposed to go to Carmel Valley this weekend with my wife's family but my wife has too much work to do to prepare for a grand rounds presentation that she has to give next week. I have major problems in general with how many hours our medical system makes residents work in general. I understand that they have to get their training somehow and that involves lots of hours but I think they should probably add a year of residency to each program so that the residents are working more like 60 hour workweeks rather than 80 hour workweeks. On top of that, I think making residents have to do all this extra work (M & M's, grand round presentations, and a chief year project) is just ridiculous. Anyhoo, the trip is now off so I should be putting in some volume this weekend instead.

Poker continues to frustrate the bejesus out of me. I have 2 10ths and a 7th in my last two sessions. My 10th today was in a $55 tourney on stars that had over 2000 entries. First place was worth over $15k, 10th brought me like $700. Bah.

Our whole house fiasco has also occupied a ton of my time this week. I have done a lot of research into the financial implications of renting our house out rather than trying to sell it. While there are some tax breaks, we are still going to take a huge hit no matter what we do so I still am leaning towards putting the house on the market, taking our lumps and moving on. We shall see...

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