Monday, February 14, 2005

Hotel Rwanda

I am in a bowling league where the first thing that comes to mind when you enter the building is "I am in Wisconsin." Every other Friday night I get to see a throng of white/pink faces eating fried cheese curds, drinking beer, and talking about the Packers. Everyone has their own shoes, ball, and wristguard. Which makes our team composed of two Colombians, myself (the tallest and whitest Mexican/Costa Rican/Nigerian you have ever scene) and one true Wisconsite, well it makes our team interesting to say the least. As an homage to his homeland our captain named our team "los cafeteros" which of course, in true Wisconsin style, means the other teams think we are all cafeteria workers. We rent the beautiful multi-colored shoes from the alley and choose a ball from their assortment as well (I really like the green one). Although none of us is going to make the PBA, our motley crew has an enjoyable time and with the incredible handicap that we have (mis)earned we actually do all right - you might think we would never lose with 200 free points given to us every game but we manage to do so. Anyways... last Friday was the first time we had to bowl against ourselves (15 teams in the league mean one team has no one to play against each week), and I think we might have actually lost. Oh well - back to the title of this post. After bowling on Friday we went to see Hotel Rwanda. Definitely not an uplifiting film, but one of those films along the lines of Schindler's List which you really should go see. Don Cheadle was amazing, and the movie, although not visually gory, did not make it hard to imagine the genocide that was happening. Great movie - but one where you need to set aside like 15 minutes afterwards to jsut let your thoughts settle again.

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