Monday, February 28, 2005


You would think such an interesting story would get some coverage in Madison's press, but alas I had to resort to googling to find info about this cute critter. Seems this kangaroo was found wandering aimlessly in Dodgeville. As a kid I remember going to Governor Dodge state park - what a trip it would have been to see this kangaroo on the way! Anyways after safely and "easily" capturing Roo, he was taken to Henry Vilas Zoo. And now after 30 days of investigation and no real owner coming to the plate, the zoo has dibs on Roo. I still have a couple of questions though: 1) why is it I had to find my sources for this story from not only out of the area, but out of the state?; and 2) are there still two wandering kangaroos out there somewhere? - both a CT woman and a guy from Appleton claim to be missing kangaroos but their claims have been "ruled out." (See the link at investigation above). I am hoping they have some sort of naming contest at the zoo for their newest addition.


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