Friday, July 22, 2005

Fun little head games

I've decided I should give my 2 readers my own LSAT. So here's the logic question:

You make it into the final part of Let's Make a Deal and chardrian (the new host) has you pick one of three doors. Behind one door is a stack of cash so big that all of your law school loans would be taken care of. Behind the other two doors are... well, I could describe humorous items but instead I'll leave it to your imagination as to what crappy prizes are behind these two doors (just know that you don't want them).

Now chardrian knows where the prize is, and to liven thinks up for the crowd and that zany tv audience, after the contestant picks a door he will always show him one of the two remaining doors that has one of the crap prizes. Chardrian will then always give the contestant a chance to stick with his/her original choice or change it.

To have the best shot of winning the cash what should the contestant do?

A) Stick with his/her original choice.
B) It doesn't matter - it's 50/50.
C) Change and pick the other door.
D) Put chardian in a sleeper hold and demand that he tell you where the damn money is - the opportunity to not have to spend the next ten years paying off your damn loans is just too much for you to risk doing anything else.


FreakinRican said...

I'm going to have to go with D. The thought of not having to pay my loans off is too great of a temptation to ensure the safe bet. Now I will just need an extension ladder to be able to reach your neck and put you in a sleeper hold.

chardrian said...

Just put my head between your man boobs and I'm done for!!