Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Interview from the Rican

Ok I'm being interviewed by the Rican.

Here are the rules:
1) If you want in - leave a comment saying interview me.
2) I then get to continue the madness by asking you 5 questions.
3) You continue this circle of life by posting your answers on your blog with this same (or similar) info.

Here are Rican's questions and my answers:
1) What's it like being the tallest, honkiest Mexican at the DOJ?
Since I hardly ever get out of my office it's sort of a non-issue. The DOJ is very very wonder bread so being the albino latino that I am it makes me fit in purty easy, but also makes me realize how although our lawschool might have been diverse, our state bar is not. One of the inmates who I'm up against wrote me back saying he liked my name though. And the three whopping times I've actually gotten to go to court the judge has stated the appearances for the inmate plaintiff then looks down and reads my name and says the State is represented by Assistant Attorney General... (and makes me fill in my last name, but I like to pause for a bit to see if they'll actually give it a go).
2) If I could go back would I finish a semester early like I did or finish with everyone else?
Ehh - probably the same. This job opened up for me (it is a pretty good starting gig even if it is white bread); one semester less of loans; and although I got gypped on the partying and gifts thing, personally I'm also not big into the whole graduation whoopla and didn't really mind not having to rent a silly gown and spend half a day listening to people's names be read while you wait to pick up an empty folder. But I also understand people who think graduation is a really big event close to a wedding or birth (e.g. when my wife graduates med school it will be a very very big deal for her).
3) How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Because the second "could" implies that a woodchuck can't actually chuck wood, the question is unanswerable. See U.S. Forest Service vs. Woodchucks Inc., 503 U.S. 1223 (1992).
4) Where in the world would you go if all expenses were paid?
Tough one - I can actually afford to go back to Guatemala it's just a matter of getting the time to do so, so that's off. When I was in undergrad I went to South Africa for a year and the wife and I went to an all-inclusive resort on an island off the East coast of Africa called Mauritius - I wouldn't mind doing that again (and maybe visiting the Seychelles and Madagascar as well). Also up there would be a nice vacation through the Mediterranean (never been).
5) What food can't I live without?
Are margaritas a food? Otherwise I'm an eat to live rather than live to eat kinda guy. But a nice steak dinner at Tornado is always nice every once in a while.

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