Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I only hope this works...

It looks like Madison is finally trying to make it known that pedestrians really do have the right of way.

I grew up in Madison so I was taught that you always need to be careful of cars blah blah blah. Then I went to school and lived in California for a good long while, where if a pedestrian steps into the street (especially in a crosswalk), cars just stop. Then I come back here for lawschool, and almost get killed everytime I try to cross University Ave (even with the damn green man telling me to go baby go). The funniest part is that when I actually do drive (which is very rarely) I end up almost getting rear-ended by cars because I actually do wait for pedestrians to cross.

Madison's a funky-ass town when it comes to pedestrians/cars/bikes - but if more cars actually gave pedestrians the right of way I'd be a happy camper.


FreakinRican said...

I actually think the pedestrians rule this town. Trying to turn left onto Park street from Johnson is always a pain in the ass because of the Peds.

chardrian said...

When school is in session (or if there's a football game) and the pedestrians can mob up, yes you are right. Otherwise cars aren't stopping. Crossing either Regent and Randall or Monroe and Oakland is like playing Frogger.