Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ok ok I snapped

I played a nightly session tonight and after a minor bump early, I played extremely good poker. The first beat I took, I laughed off, I mean we all have gotten JJ in pre and lost to 66 and yeah it was the nightly 100k which always sucks, but brush it off, move on.

The second one I took was so bad that I really ended up laughing pretty hysterically. Get it all in on the turn with TT on an ATxx board and lose to AT when an A rivers is pretty funny. And yeah, I already had a fold to cash stack in that tourney and winning that hand would have locked up a pretty deep finish, but come on, it's funny. I mean there aren't that many times when you are a 95% favorite in poker so when you are and actually lose, what else can you do but laugh right?

Third one was at the final table (yeah I even made a final table tonight and still lost money for the session) of the $55 6 max tourney on stars and I get it all-in with AQ versus AT pre flop and even flop a Q on a QKx flop for good measure but still manage to lose when a J turns giving him the straight. Believe it or not, I was still laughing at that point.

But when my JJ got cracked by 2 fricking 8 when I was deepstacked in the sniper tourney on UB with 29 players left and 27 get paid, I lost it. Last straw, couldn't take anymore, flipped, went berserk, and my buddies on vent heard it. Boy did they hear it. The f-bombs were flying, the pity me was at an all-time high, the anger just could no longer be contained. And did it help? Did they care? Did they want to hear that? No, no, and no.

So yeah, I'm getting better about dealing with beats, but I'm still not immune.

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DigitalDoc said...

Too bad I wasn't on vent to witness it. I might have even laughed a bit. Keep playing man!