Friday, February 06, 2009

Some culture

My mom wanted to go see a dance performance at the Kennedy Center and didn't want to go alone so used me as an escort. It was an Alvin Ailey dance performance which I guess is supposed to mean something to anyone who knows anything about dance, which I do not. But we got the added benefit that the Obama's decided to come watch as well and the crowd went into a tizzy when it realized they would be watching with the president. Our seats were basically directly below his - the presidential seats are the front center seats of the balcony - so we didn't get to see his face but we saw his hand whenever he stood up to wave. To be honest I had more fun watching the crowd ogle at him and take pictures with their cellphones than I would have in joining them. Anyhoo, I am not a big dance guy but these dancers were so powerful and the music so good that I would have enjoyed even without the added Obama show.

Tomorrow I am meeting up with peace corps and poker friends and playing a home game which should be fun.

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