Friday, February 27, 2009

Time for some time off

I am starting to wallow in self-pity which is never a good thing for me or the people around me. When things go well in MTTs you get people to fold better hands than you have, you win races, you get people pushing on you preflop when you have AA. When things go poorly in MTTs, you never win races, you get bad beat over and over, and you get people making hero calls in situations where they really should be folding but it just so happens that this one time their hand actually beats the one hand in your range that you'd make a move with.

Things are going poorly for me.

I played very well again other than one mistake where I should have led a flop when I had like 80% equity in an omaha hi/lo tourney and checked and then let my opp get there. I am still learning that game, so I'll chalk it up as a learning mistake but it still sucked to happen with 14 left when 9 got paid.

So anyhoo I am taking tonight (we're going out for steaks nananana) and tomorrow off. Will try to focus on the big picture rather than dwell on the recent downswing and come back swinging on Sunday.

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