Sunday, February 08, 2009

Reuniting and it feels it so good...

So last night I met up with one of my old Peace Corps friends who is living in D.C. and we had a joint poker game with some of her and her boyfriend's friends as well as some of my poker buddies. One of the few downfalls of my profession is the social isolation - I just don't get in contact with that many people on a day to day basis since all I do is play poker from my garage. So it was nice to actually talk with people face to face.

Today we went to the Maryland/Pennsylvania border and joined up with another of my old Peace Corps friends and her boyfriend at a ski resort. I just chilled in the nice 60 degree weather enjoying the sun and reading the paper as they frolicked on the slopes. We then had a nice dinner and good stiff drinks and just enjoyed shooting the shit and reminiscing. The one thing that is always good to remember is that even if you don't keep in super good contact with good people everything still basically falls into place when you meet up again because good people are just good people.

Anyhoo, I had a great time, I wish Charmian could have been with me because I know she would have enjoyed it too, and I hope that people will come by and visit us whenever they are in the in Northern Cal. area.

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