Sunday, March 01, 2009

Still downswinging

I got to play a full Sunday and I didn't cash any of the 11 tourneys I played. I tend to press when I am on a downswing and start making overaggressive moves when I need to just relax and let things happen and start making the money. I should have done that in the $163 50k guarantee on Tilt today but other than that I played fine and just lost races/got bad beats/or had coolers.

I am finding myself get into the "I just can't win" mentality while I am playing so I need to get through that. I still haven't even played 200 tourneys this year yet, so this downswing is just a blip on the radar screen.

Charmian works a lot this week, so I'll just continue to get my volume in and things should turn around.

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