Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back Home

Well I was expecting the weekend to be somewhat eventful with a wedding planned and time being fleeting. Instead we changed my wife's ticket back home so that she could leave Monday morning rather than Sunday evening; the wedding was postponed; and we were just treated like royalty and had a really enjoyable weekend hanging out with family in beautiful Santa Barbara. Another bonus was that I only had to be dragged to one open-house (my wife and mother-in-law like going to open houses even when we aren't anywhere close to looking for a house anytime soon).

The drive back was uneventful and I had my dog chula as a companion which is always nice. Today I slept in and have just been super lazy. The rest of this week my plan is to get the house back in order; pay back my WSOP backers; and then I have to do some tax stuff because the IRS somehow thinks the $14k I made in a live tourney back in 2008 wasn't reported to them even though it was part of my total profit that year which I reported to them when I filed as a "poker player."

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