Thursday, June 24, 2010

No more WSOP 2010 for me

An abysmal day was my ending to my 2010 WSOP. I just never got anything going. To be honest, I am not really devastated. Vegas wears me down and I am at my wearing down point. I think I managed much better this year than last year but after over 3 weeks here, 18 tourneys played, and not seeing my wife or dog for that whole time, I am ready to go home.

My father-in-law is getting remarried this weekend so I am heading to Santa Barbara tomorrow and will be back in Sac-town early next week.

All in all I am very happy with how this series went. I made another final table. Hung out with some cool people and thought I played very well. GL to all of those that are still playing and are staying for the main event.

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