Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

It wasn't such a happy day for me as I busted the $1k after just 4 levels of play but still feel like I am playing very well. So I hope all the dads out there fared better than I did.

I have decided that Thursday's WSOP event (a mixed NL/Limit tourney) will be my last one this year. If I bust early, I will head to Santa Barbara for a wedding, but in any case it will be my last hurrah this year.

I had a blast this weekend with guys from FTR but it will feel good to just relax tonight, get some good sleep and then tomorrow get back into the workout, play poker, routine.

The plan this week is to play the Venetian tourneys tomorrow and Tuesday and then the WSOP events on Wednesday and Thursday. I am due for a cash so hopefully I can get one more big score before I go.


Slim Macho said...

hey long time my friend. Watching any of the soccer. SA is going nuts and I am enjoying it but will probably enjoy it when everyone leaves, as well. Thought after one of your big wins you were going to fly here?

chardrian said...

I am watching and wishing I was there. I need a 6 figure score to make it out there.