Friday, June 18, 2010

Time for some time off

I played the $2110 Venetian yesterday and in the best structure tourney that I was going to play this entire month I lost my entire stack on the first hand I played. But still think I played it fine.

Starting with 20k in chips I raised Ah5h to 300 from the CO and got flatted by the button. Pot has 750.

Flop is Kh2d4s I bet 425 and button calls. Pot is now 1600.

Turn is the 3d. I figured button has a mid pair or the K so I check since after floating there he is going to fire so often. He bets 750, I c/r to 2200. He takes some time and 3-bets me to 6200. So now it is decision time for me. If I call then the pot will have like 14k and I will have like 13 k behind so I'd be committing myself to the pot with the 2nd nuts. If I fold it means I am putting him on 56 and 56 only. I thought his range included hands like a set, AdKd, another A5 and the occassional bluff as well as 56 so I pushed because I was OOP and I wanted to get it in good against any of the hands that I am beating and I don't see him folding getting 2:1 at this point. He had 5s6s. GG me.

I also played the $350 Limit tourney which started an hour later and played fine but ran bad (AA<55, QQ
There are a whole bunch of people coming into town this weekend so I am definitely taking today and tomorrow off. I might play the $1 k WSOP on Sunday depending on how I feel after this weekend. There are also now distinct possibilities that next week will be last week of the series as I might very well be heading to a wedding in Santa Barbara.

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