Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A sliver of hope

I actually final tabled the Sniper tourney last night and got 4th for a positive day. I know I should be happy with that result, but I am not. I was actaully pretty frustrated. I had a ginormous stack and got involved with the table luckbox/idiot who had the second biggest stack when we were down to 4 players and just could not win a race late. I had Ah7h and my retard opp had 8sTs on a Th9h2x flop and he couldn't fold to my all-in raise with top pair 8 kicker and the board bricked out for me. So that hand decimated me and then I couldn't win a last race to try and get back in it and out I was in 4th. I am fine with how I played, since winning that hand locks up the tourney for me. But 4th doesn't get me out of the hole for this month, and 1st would have, so that of course was what I was thinking of as I went to sleep last night.

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