Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vegas Time

Well I am off today to L.A. to spend a couple of days with my fam before heading off to Vegas on Monday. Last year, I was raring to go as it was my first WSOP experience. This year I am a mixed bag of emotions. I am definitely excited that I have the opportunity to play over 10 events for the whole month of June and I feel that I am playing very well and am due for a big score, so hopefully I can come home with the bankroll a little fatter.

I am also a little hesitant because being away for a whole month will be emotionally draining and I am starting to stress a little but about my dwindling bankroll especially as unexpected life expenses (Chula's surgery, air conditioner being fixed, etc.) keep popping up. One big score and all that stress is relieved though. So here's hoping for a good WSOP.

I am bringing my wife's laptop and the place I rented has WiFi so I hope to be updating this pretty regularly. Wish me luck.

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Memphis MOJO said...

GL. Hoping for big thing$ for you!