Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Starting to pull my hair out

I am playing really really good poker and just can't get the run good going in any way whatsoever. I got deepish in the 75k tonight on Tilt after clawing my way back from ruin early when my 2 pair got counterfeited without ever getting AK, KK, or QQ, the entire tourney and the only time I got AA was early on. So I got deep even without cards, but at some point you need to win a flip or you need a hand to hold up to get a stack. And I just can't do that lately.... ever. And it's eating away at me.

I start to look at the other tables when there are 5 table or less and I can't help but think, well if I can FINALLY get another top 3 score here I will actually be back in the black for the month. If I can FINALLY win one of these nightly big tourneys I will actually be way up. And then it just doesn't happen.

Imagine if you did your job perfectly and as a result your boss took money from you - well that's what is happening to me day after day lately.

The added stress of chula getting resurgerized tomorrow and I am leaving for Vegas now in just a couple of weeks isn't helping either. I am just so strung out right now but there really isn't anything to do except keep playing and hope for the best.

I think reading this thing must be as fun as going to the dentist, so I am not going to post about poker again until I finally break through and take something down. So if the posts on here are few and far between that simply means I am continuing to grab my ankles but don't think you want to keep hearing about it.

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Anonymous said...

i personally don't mind hearing about you venting about your bad beats bc it makes me feel better about mine, nice to know i'm not the only one it happens to over n over...plus i like your blog, hope your entries don't become too seldom now