Sunday, January 03, 2010

Average Crappy Sunday

My wife left the lights on on our pickup so the first thing we had to do this morning was jump start it since she killed the battery. Of course both of us are mechanically retarded, so we had to google how to use the damn jumper cables in fear of exploding batteries and sparks flying everywhere. But amazingly that went down without a real hitch.

Since she had to study before going off to work today, I put in an afternoon session and the only tourney I cashed was the one I cared least about for a minimum cash. There is some part of me, I guess, that keeps expecting the losing to somehow get easier... but it doesn't. I still hate it. It doesn't matter to me that I played fine. It doesn't matter to me that I did not tilt off my chips or make a bad read or just a stupid mistake. It doesn't matter to me that people are dying in Africa and the Middle East. It doesn't matter to me that I probably ran above expectation last year. All that matters to me when I lose is that it still sucks to lose.

Anyhoo, my wife starts nights again tonight which tends to throw the house into a state of flux so I am going to try and get the house semi-clean tonight, get in a workout, and then I'll be back at it tomorrow.

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