Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Feeling a little less rectally abused

After getting repeatedly hosed (and playing a little poorly as well) the last couple of days I went and played my nightly live session. It's a fun mix of people and we are friendly enough that I can call people fuckface and not have to worry about them taking it personally or getting my face busted in. There is one guy who just likes to tangle with me (and vice versa) so we basically ended up just flipping for $40 stacks on a number of occassions. I probably broke even for the night but I had fun and it definitely helped get me back into a better mental framework.

So I played my regular afternoon session today and although I didn't cash in any of the 8 tourneys I did recoup a vast majority of my cash losses from yesterday. I played full ring $1/2 NL and just joined new tables as I got knocked out of tourneys. After spewing off a buy-in a and a half because I don't believe people preflop, I then hunkered down and won like 5 buy-ins. So I finished up like $650 playing cash which more or less covered my tourney entries for the day. My plan is to continue to do the same thing. Playing cash should keep all of my spots on my computer screen full so I don't waste as much time surfing the web, and as long as I stop bluffing in bad spots I think I will be able to beat the game at a pretty nice clip. We'll see how it goes...

Tonight I am playing the big Wednesday tourneys so the possibility of a big payoff is there. Hopefully the cards will fall my way.

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