Thursday, January 07, 2010

Trying to keep upbeat

This game is mentally hard:

I made three top 20s last night but no final tables and one horrific beat late which would have guaranteed a final table which = a net loss for the day;

My KK have lost the last 4 times I have played them;

I didn't cash one tourney this afternoon and except for some minor mistakes in one tourney it was not because of my play but simply because of my luck....

But I also realize that all of the above is very much blah blah meow chow. No one cares about my recent bad luck, or my bad beats and they shouldn't. I know I sure don't care about yours.

The problem is I care. The problem is I still get frustrated when I lose. The problem is even though I can rationally discuss how every player must wade through the variance inherent in poker, when the variance is hitting me square in the face I become irrational.

I am much better about not spazzing out in my other tourneys when the bad beats/lost races/coolers start flowing but I have yet to find a way to control my frustrations. At least I have a couple of hours to burn and simmer down before I start my nightly session.

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