Thursday, January 28, 2010

Taking a deep breath

No matter what I do to try and break the cycle, I can't help but dwell on things when I get close to a big score and then fizzle at the end. And since that has happened twice this last week I have been sleeping like crap.

I put in an evening session tonight, played great, ran poorly and ended early but it has given me time to just sit, reflect, take a deep breath and a step back, and as usual at the end of these cycles, I realize how fortunate I am.

I am actually up this month, and although of course I wish I had seized my final table opportunities better so that I was WAY up, I still am doing fine. My bankroll is healthy, I am playing well, as long as I keep grinding I should keep making money. So tomorrow I will put in another session and keep living the life.

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