Thursday, March 04, 2010

1/2 timing it

I have put in 3 afternoon session this week and am making the money a lot and feel like I am playing super well but I haven't had the mental fortitude to play a night session because I keep almost making a final table, bubbling it, and then being too frustrated to put any more volume in.

A 19th, a 15th, and today a 14th and it just is eating me up. If I were giving advice to myself I would tell me to keep playing well, don't let the frustration make you spew, and the results will come. But being in the midst of a string where it just seems no matter I do I can't break through, makes me wonder if the results ever really will come.


Ed said...


Rex55 said...

Chardrian, you are a world class player, but unfortunately, these twisted runs happen to even the best....when those last few hands/flips never seem to go your way.

Do NOT doubt yourself, and do not doubt that it will even out.
Variance can only fleetingly touch a player with your discipline and skillset.

Keep your head up,