Thursday, March 04, 2010

Vacation Pics

One of my law school professor's writes a blog and also travels pretty frequently so when I saw pics of her trip to Tobago a year ago I kept it in my mind that that looks like a nice place to go.

So with that as basically my only guide I convinced my wife and her family that for her February vacation we should go to Tobago. The flights were relatively cheap so we booked it. I found a nice condo directly on the beach on the Caribbean side of the island.

We luckily ended up on a gorgeous beach that was very uncrowded, soft sand, warm water, waves that were fun enough to play in but not so huge that any of us ever felt nervous, and a long stretch of calm open water so that we could take nice long swims. For our family at least this is heaven.

We did spend one day traveling to a couple of different beaches that had better snorkeling so we got to see some more of the island, but after that day we realized how much we enjoyed just relaxing at our own digs on the beach, with our own pool to rinse off, so we stayed put. And enjoyed the sunsets and cocktails from our own deck, watched the locals pull in their fishing nets, and just had a really really relaxing and good time.

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Memphis MOJO said...

Recharging your batteries in paradise -- it doesn't get much better than that. Nice pics.