Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not a lot to update

Just a standard week. I put in full sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, played well, no results. The only difference this week is that I am still running high on confidence from last week's win so I haven't been whining or moping as much.

I am not playing today because I am just tired. My wife got to "sleep in" until like 7:30 today. Usually I don't even notice when she wakes up because I am in deep sleep, but today she woke up late enough that she woke me up to, but early enough that I am still tired. So instead of playing an afternoon session, I took the morning off, deposited some checks, and basically have just been lazing around surfing the web and watching tv. Tonight I will do a couple of hours of coaching for a student who won some lessons through pwnage. Tomorrow and Saturday my wife has off so that means I am off too.

I am hoping for a nice Sunday score, but will just put in my play and let my results follow.

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