Friday, March 12, 2010

Still can't break through

Poker continues to go poorly results wise. I still feel like I am playing very well overall (although I have been making some "screw it" mistakes) but I just can't get that one elusive big score to break me out of the slump.

The one silver lining is that even though I am down over $10k for the year, even though I am still making my monthly withdrawals, my bankroll is not totally depleted. In previous times it is very likely I would have tried to chase my losses at bigger cash games and blown through even more of my roll. But this time I have maintained my composure and my bankroll and so I still have enough that I can play up to $300 tourneys which means I still give myself a shot everyday I play to make that $15k+ score.

It is going to happen... it's just a matter of when.

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Memphis MOJO said...

GL -- it'll happen.