Sunday, March 07, 2010

Back to it

This will be the last weekend in a long time that my wife actually has time off, so we enjoyed it. We slept in, got some gardening done, I made a really nice meal last night, and then today we had a late breakfast and I didn't start playing until the Sunday million started at 1:30.

I again am playing well. I cashed 4 out of the 10 tourneys I played. But I still just can't finish anything out. Losing flips, not getting paid with my monsters, same old same old. I am actively working on stopping the whining, and the focusing on how crappy I am running and am really trying to just focus on results and then go from there.

I am not planning on doing a whole lot interesting this week other than really trying to put in some volume, so I will just keep plugging away and hopefully bink something off soon enough.

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