Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another sighful Sunday

I am always somewhat amazed at how sickened I continually get when I have another horrendous day at the virtual felts. One would think after playing this game for so long now, that I would get used to it. But I don't.

I played 15 tourneys today. I didn't cash any. I made a couple of minor mistakes - but nothing major and just didn't run well.

With my need to withdraw money for the World Series and make my monthly withdrawals, I am getting worried about feeling the bankroll pinch again soon, but all I can do is keep playing well, and hope that I go on a heater soon.

I actually feel that I am running way expectation for the year. But I also feel like the games are definitely getting tougher and tougher so I am not sure how much my expectation actually is.

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