Tuesday, April 28, 2009

200 tourneys

Well for the first time this year I got my 200 tourneys in for a month. But I also am getting drained - especially since I just can't make it to a final table. Every player who has put any time into this game goes through the same thing - those times when you can't win any races, go card dead at the times when you can't do anything except play your cards, get bad beats, and then when you finally do wake up with a decent hand like JJ/QQ you run into KK. And I am going through that right now.

Big picture I am still up for this month and for the year. But big pictures are often different than expectations. I was hoping to make 20k this month and next and just feel little pressure for the World Series. Instead it looks like I will have to grind it out and just hope for the best. My attitude definitely sucks right now so I am going to take tomorrow day off as well as Thurs night through Sat. The one bright light is that I am continuing to play very very well. So it's just a matter of time...

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