Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Evening ankle grabbing

I kept getting bad beat/coolered in most of my tourneys but I did get deep in the quarter million on Stars only to get in a big pot against an active player with a stack close to the bubble.

He had been raising close to 20% of hands and raised again from late position when I picked up pocket tens. We both had over 50 BBs. So I 3 bet instead of smooth call and he 4 bet somewhat small. So it finally came down to whether or not I thought I was ahead of his range and I thought he was using his bigger stack enough of the time and might be 4 betting light there since I had already 3-bet him twice previously that I shoved.

He had JJ and called and the board came out a beautiful J44Tx. So I bubbled and felt like crap.

I definitely would have made the money if I had folded there but I don't know how bad my play was. It is really hard to define someone's range until you have played lots and lots of hands against him/her. So often we will run into the high end of that person's range and think we made a mistake when actually we made the correct play and just got unlucky.

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