Friday, April 10, 2009

Some Aussie tried to hack me

So after my session ended last night, I checked my e-mail and saw that I got some automated message from FullTilt which was sending me a temporary password.

I of course thought "wtf I didn't request a new or temporary password - what is going on here?" So I sent security a message asking wtf is going on.

Anyhoo, I have changed my passwords and am now using a new secret e-mail and my funds are still intact so I feel better. But when I was checking up on it, I looked at my log-in history on Tilt and found that the following IP address from Australia attempted and failed to login to my account early this morning.

So if any of you computer wizards can do something with this and/or have any further advice for me, I'd appreciate it.


The same person from Sydney who tried to hack me has also visited this blog today. So obviously he knows that I am on to him. I will let him know that even though FullTilt has supposedly "taken appropriate action" against him, I have taken the extra measures of changing my passwords and my e-mail accounts as well.

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