Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Disclaimer I Should Have Posted Long Ago

I got a friendly e-mail reminder from a reader of this blog that a common theme of this blog is how poorly I take beats and downswings and how much I let variance affect me.

I could try and defend my many postings regarding my anklegrabbings and my frustrations. But I won't. Because it is true - I am often a whiny little biyatch.

So here's the disclaimer - this blog has had and will continue to have quite a few posts regarding my frustrations with poker. I understand, as a poker player, that all poker players experience variance and that many players (who are the bulk of the readers of this blog) enjoy reading about being frustrated with poker as much as they enjoy hearing about bad beats. So if that's not your cup of tea - this is not the blog for you.

I have tried to make this blog as honest as possible. And the truth of the matter, as an MTT player, is that I will have losing days much more often than I will winning ones. And losing frustrates me. And my frustrations will find their way onto this blog.

Ok with that disclaimer aside I also always have to explain that although I hate the variance and the downswings, I still love what I am doing. If I can continue to keep paying our bills and maintaining our lifestyle by playing poker I will continue to be a very happy guy. I realize how fortunate I am to work when I want to work. I realize that if I had a "real job" I would not be able to simply take today off so that I can relax, cook a nice meal, and watch Survivor with my wife. I realize that I am living out what was just a dream of mine 2-3 years ago by going to the World Series this year and playing almost an entire series (next year I hope to add the main event as well.) But I can realize all of this and still turn into the monopoly throwing kid that unfortunately is still a big part of me when I lose.


Memphis MOJO said...

Keep on keepin' on.

Hey, it's your blog and you should write what you want.

Poker 1 ab said...

I guess some think that you should smile and be happy about being poker sodomized. Me personally, I cuss at the screen and get upset at the stupidity that seems to hit me at the critical points in tournies. We all know about variance, doesn't mean we have to like it. Personally, I think you take it well.